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6415 North Mesa El Paso, TX 79912   |  Store: 915.219.9911
Online Orders: 915.201.4336 |   info@tuscancattle.com

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About Us

where we come from

The famous bistecca alla fiorentina is produced from Chianina beef and is a world renowned example of this beef at its finest.


Through years of building trust and quality, our company is the only one in the United States that can claim exclusive rights to purebred Chianina beef. We have been granted special legal rights from the Italian government to purchase embryos that are recorded in their national herd book. In addition, we also have access to the largest Chianina herd in North America

italian roots

The Chianina breed originated in Italy. After years of hard work by a select few in the cattle industry, authentic Chianina Cattle are available in the USA through Tuscan Cattle. The natural marbling and tenderness of this fine beef provides an amazing level of flavor which is very hard to find in other types of beef throughout the world.

clean and sustainable

Tuscan Cattle has a patent-pending feeding process that includes no hormones or additives. We also practice humane livestock handling techniques that minimize stress on our animals. Only a select number of specially raised Chianina cattle are processed every year. By using our time proven ranching techniques, combined with the latest in modern technology, we consistently deliver a high quality beef from cattle raised using both sustainable and humane practices.



Chianina cattle is a 2,200-year-old breed endemic to northern Italy. The breed is known for being one of the largest and most flavorful types of beef in the world. Tuscan Cattle’s Chianina beef meets similar certification standards that are in place before it can be sold and served in Italy under the label of vera Chianina.

Italian Bred, USA raised